“The crime wave that has gripped the city continued today when, following a botched robbery, a firefight broke out in the streets of downtown claiming the lives of 20 people. More on this at 6.”

211 is a short form rpg about armed robbery. It’s a hack of Apocalypse World (that assumes maybe a bit of familiarity, but shouldn’t leave you completely in the dark) and is designed to be quick to run with little or no before session prep.

This is a game about playing violent criminals. You’re not heroes. You’re deep in the bad guy side of an action filled heist flick. Explosions, firefights, daring escapes, botched cons and high stakes. Things will go wrong. Can you get out without leaving a trail of bodies in your wake? Can you get out at all? When it comes down to it, what will you leave behind? The cash? Or your friend?

character sheets
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This is the first release of 211 to people who aren’t just my friends. If you give it a play I’d love to hear about it. Go ahead and send any feedback my way via email or one of these forum threads:
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