how to be a girl

A game about being a girl.

Made for Ludum Dare 20. I ran out of time during the 48 hour competition aspect of Ludum Dare, so I kept working on it and submitted it as a 72 hour jam game instead. After the jam I spent another week improving it; I added a soundtrack and an actual ending.

Made in Flash with flixel.

play it online (1200×600)
play it online (600×300)

play the outdated ludum dare jam version (1200×600)
play the outdated ludum dare jam version (600×300)
ludum dare entry

The soundtrack is available here, because I am reasonably proud of it (but you probably won’t like it).

Intended as a game about gender stereotypes, though it definitely has its flaws in that regard. It’s not exactly a fun game, and it’s not intended to be, though I learned that when designing a game meant to frustrate the player, it’s difficult to direct that frustration where you want it. The player is repeatedly interrupted from exploring and forced to do stereotypically girly things. I didn’t really dig the Ludum Dare 20 theme, so I went with ‘girl game’, one of the joke themes that was voted out.


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