Bob – a film by Alan Smithee

A short film. Made during the Winter 2012 term as part of a course at the University of Waterloo. Shot using a Canon 60D DSLR.

I came away from this project really not very satisfied with it at all (the name was my idea). Mostly I don’t think it works well narratively, or at least the narrative doesn’t work the way I would like.

We ended up cutting a lot of scenes due to lack of time, butchering the narrative of the last half of the film (which should have been about twice as long). We had some trouble finding time to actually get everyone together to film, which caused us to miss a couple weeks of shooting we could have done. When we did actually shoot it seemed there was a bit of an attitude to get the shooting done as quick as possible, rather than taking our time and doing things well or reshooting bad footage. In my view this lead to a lot of the film feeling rushed or sub-par.

Being the only person in the credits to not appear on camera, I ended up doing quite a bit of the camera work and directing, though certainly not all of it (in particular the best scene of the film, which is the blooper during the credits, was not shot by me). I’m satisfied with some of the camera work I did, though not all of it (I really like the first shot I did of Bob’s feet).


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