Aw yeah, short films

So I took a film course last term. It was great. Unlike the previous film course I took, this time everyone in the class seemed really into the course and making sweet short films instead of just getting through the course. I figure that comes from being a higher level course. And all the films were all really distinct too; a bunch of very different styles. Check them out.

Anyways, I’m super proud of the film my group made, which I wrote. It came out really well and we were all really into the production. Here it is (with the wrong title. should be I Want to Kill Myself):

And here’s a bit more about it: I Want to Kill Myself

If it’s not evident from the title the short’s about suicide. So, trigger warning, etc and whatever. Heavy stuff, and the film deals with it using a bit of dark humour (though it’s certainly not a comedy).

We also, earlier in the term, made a short sequence before starting production on our final film. Here’s that thing:

And a bit about it too: Either way, it’s gone


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